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Drama – guard on the look out

Filed under: General News — Miss Davis at 12:35 pm on Monday, February 5, 2018

This morning we started our day a little different. As we entered the drama studio we became guards. We were on look at out at Elsinore castle. Marching, looking and guarding were our jobs, and we did amazingly at them!

After our duty we took some time to discuss the different sounds that we could hear during the marching on the battlements. Lots of suggestions of things heard, some children said they could hear a ghost, doors creaking, boots stomping and birds singing.

Back in the classroom we discussed how we could describe the sounds we heard, and my goodness – some of the writing we got today was out of this world!! So unbelievably good! Fantastic descriptions of the sounds heard during the marching, well done.

At the end of the lesson we discussed what we need to include when writing a setting description ready for our lessons on Wednesday and Thursday. See if you can practice writing a description at home! Who can tell me what needs to be included to get a fantastic setting description?

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