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Warwick castle

Filed under: General News — Miss Davis at 7:56 pm on Wednesday, January 10, 2018

What a fantastic day we have all had! We started our day by identifying the features of a castle that we learnt just yesterday! Who can remember and explain any of the castle features, either that we saw today or that we learnt yesterday?

After a long walk around the castle we climbed some very steep and wet stairs to walk along the battlements. We went up in small groups and were shooting arrows at the groups on the floor! We were very good and ducking and diving out of the way. Who can remember what room we spotted on the way to the battlements?

Lunch time finally came! We had out lunch in the Mill and Engine room, lots of hungry children in one space was fun! Lots of mess but lots of smiling full faces. On our way out we were able to look out at the river and spot the ‘crocodile’…..

Next stop, we headed for the Great Hall. When we got inside we found a huge knight and lots of armour. We were lucky enough to have a chat with one of the workers who knew lots about the different types of armour and the correct way to hold them! (Miss Davis doesn’t know everything after all!)


We were lucky enough to have a walk around the State rooms and see some fantastic pieces of art and the outfits some of the Kings and Queens would have worn. I wonder if you can remember who the man and his 6 wives were?

Also, who can remember how old Warwick castle is?

And, who built Warwick castle?

They were our two questions to remember the answers to! πŸ™‚ I hope you all had a lovely day and have learnt lots about castles. There were lots of sleepy heads on the coach home, hoping for a good nights sleep ready for lots of discussions tomorrow!! πŸ™‚




January 14, 2018 @ 6:46 PM   Reply

Kia enjoyed herself, she was so tired hence slept quite earlyπŸ‘πŸ½. She’s given the following answeres to the above questions. 1. Bailey, Battlements, Barbican,door bridge/drawbridge???,Portculis?(not sure of spellings…..spelled according to Kia’s pronounciation). 2.Arrowloops. 3. King Williamson six wives were, Katherine*4. The castle is 950 years old. 5. William built the castle in year1068.


   Miss Davis

January 14, 2018 @ 6:49 PM   Reply

Well remembered Kia! Some fantastic information remembered there. Really looking forward to this topic πŸ™‚

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